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Iroquois County COVID 19 Update 08/06/2020


As of 08/06/2020 there have been 256 confirmed cases and 16 probable cases of COVID-19 in Iroquois County.  There have been 6 new confirmed cases and 1 new probable case since our last update. Here is the information we can share about these new cases:

Confirmed Case 251: Female in her 60’s
Confirmed Case 252: Male in his 40’s
Confirmed Case 253: Male in his 30’s
Confirmed Case 254: Male in his 20’s
Confirmed Case 255: Male in his 30’s
Confirmed Case 256: Male in his 30’s

Probable Case 16: Female in her 40’s


Please find the attached Iroquois County COVID-19 update for August 6, 2020. Please reference the following explanation of probable cases:


“The probable cases that we will be reporting on the daily press release are individuals who have been tested and are found to have a positive test result by a local clinic using "rapid" tests that are not, at this time, IDPH approved tests. These are antigen tests, not molecular tests, and are not laboratory confirmed. Therefore, those individuals who test positive using rapid testing from this source, will be reported as a probable case. Please note that there are different rapid tests available from different sources. Some rapid tests are IDPH approved while some are not. If individuals chose to be tested at a clinic or physician’s office that is using a test that is not IDPH approved and the results are positive, that individual will be listed as a probable case and will be required to isolate per health department protocol. Their direct, known and identified contacts will be quarantined. We realize that there are numerous definitions of Probable Cases but ICPHD will use the Probable Cases category to identify the individuals who have tested positive using a rapid test, not yet approved by IDPH, as these positive results are not laboratory confirmed.”


If you have any questions or concerns please let me know, I would be happy to help.


Thank you, have a great day!

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