The Iroquois County Sheriffs Department is issuing a warning to residents in reference to reported phone scams occurring jn the county. The scam targets older victims on land lines and cell phones.

Recently residents have reported that they have received phone calls from subjects claiming to be a relative, usually a grandchild, who has either been involved in an accident or arrested, The victim is asked not to tell any other family members about their involvement or trouble. The caller, who may identify themselves as a police officer or government employee, requests that the victim wire money via western union, money gram or purchase I tunes cards from CVS, Wal Mart Etc. The caller also requests that the victim call the caller back once the wire transfer is complete or to provide the information from the back of the I tunes cards.

Callers have a!$0 identified themselves as employees of the IRS or social security administration who explain to the victim that there was an issue with the victim's tax return or social security- The caller requests the victim provide their Personally Identifiable Information including social security number, middle initial or date of birth. The caller is then asked to complete a wire transfer of moneys through Western Union, Money Gram or purchase I tunes gift cards and provide the information on the back of the card as a form ot payment to avoid any further "legal trouble",

A third type of phone scam involves the caller advising the victim that a warrant has been issued for their arrest. The caller requests that the victim again send money via western union or other means to quash the warrant,

Residents are urged not to send money via western union or purchase the I tunes or moneypac cards in these instances. Once the money has been sent by the victim, it is highly unlikely that law enforcement will be able to recover it. Residents are urged to contact family members or the police if they have any questions about suspicious cat!ers.

Internet purchase scams have also been reported in which an item is sold far below market value. Often the seller request that the buyer send money via western union or similar wire transfer, The seller will also offer to ship the item to the purchaser through a shipping company and request additional money that will be returned to the buyer upon delivery. The seller will also send official looking e majJ$ to the buyer that appear to be from E bay motors Etc. during the transaction, Consult the IC3 website (http•//www.ic3.gov) for additional details on internet scams,

If it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.

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